Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You Used to Be Afraid

You signed up for a writer's conference!

You'll be able to show your work and talk to people and have lots of fun, writer-style!

You used to be afraid of approaching people.

You used to be shy.

You used to be obsessed with what they'll think of you and if you'll be good enough.

You've let that go.

And I am sooo proud of you.

You've changed your entire mental dialogue.

Without fear, you are now free to be excited!

You can't wait to meet other people in the field. You're going to hear all kinds of speakers and learn stuff and laugh at some jokes!
You might even get to touch an agent or editor! (Like a handshake, nothing creepy.)

You've been reading a lot about agents and editors and they're really cool and lovely people.
And the best part is, that just like you, They. Love. Books! And they want to help writer's books be the best they can be!

You like that. You really like that. You're not sure why you saw them as scary before at all because they're more teachers and guides than anything else.

You decide you want an editor and an agent. You want these people on your team and you're going to go out and find them with full confidence and love for your work.

I love you.

You have really arrived at a peaceful state of mind.

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