Tuesday, March 3, 2015

You Are a Kid

Don't think of yourself as a grown-up, think of yourself as a kid.

Nothing is so all-important that you can't laugh at your process of learning. Every mistake is just a small tumble, but you can get right back up. Every time you're upset, it's a cry for help but know that you'll feel better again soon.

Know also that the help is there from:



even strangers.

From the whole world and from yourself.

Don't forget that you can help yourself too.

Look outside and look inside. (Always check both!)


  1. Sometimes it's hard to think of myself as a kid, especially when I'm teaching students who are more than a decade younger than me, which makes me feel old. I know what you mean, though. Your statement about getting back up after making a mistake made me think of kids learning how to ride a bike: no matter how many times they fall, they have to keep getting back up if they want to learn.

    1. Hi!
      I have a baby toddler girl, and she's taught me so much about learning. Nothing fazes her and she just keeps going after whatever she wants!


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