Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Perfect Guide

There is a technique I've started doing whenever I feel nervous or scared about an endeavor.

I like to call it The Perfect Guide, and I usually picture a guy that's a mix between a psychologist and a guidance counsellor. I imagine he's my buffer and stands between me and all the scary things.

Let's do an example with querying (because that's one I always go to him with).

So everytime I sit down to send out queries, I send out a few, and then I think:

I'm sending these queries out to all of these agents. But really, I am giving my query to you, Perfect Guide.

Please show the query to the agents, chat with them, get to know them, and let me know which one of them is a good fit for me.

If they are not a good fit, I know I will receive either a "no" in my email or no response at all.

If they are a good fit, I trust that you will let me know at the perfect time. (Because The Perfect Guide is soo awesome, that not only does he know which agents are best for you, but he knows the perfect time for them to contact you back. He knows when you'll be at your best and ready for them.)

So that is how I use The Perfect Guide. I know it's a mental exercise, but it really makes most of my anxiety vanish. It just makes me feel secure and taken care of, and that's a great way to feel while you're querying : )

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