Thursday, March 12, 2015

There Is No Rejection

That is the lesson. That has been the lesson all along.

There is no rejection. 

There is only what matches and what doesn't, what works and what doesn't.

You wouldn't want an agent who doesn't completely love your book so don't even be disappointed. Be glad and thankful that you're getting closer to the agent that will love your work.

Let things be. Let things go.

The Universe is constantly working with you and has much bigger plans for you than you can initially imagine.

Listen to your intuition, your gut feeling. Let yourself be guided....

To the right agent....

To the right editor....

To the right novels to write....

Let yourself be.

Let yourself be guided...

in your first draft and in all your editing and revision:







Let the Universe in. It is working with you, gently lighting up the way for you. And whenever anything feels off, it's because the Universe is showing you how to make it even better, not because you're not good enough.

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